Comment on New World Order Conspiracy Theories by john hudson.

The title conspiracy was a great P.R stunt and a great weapon against those who have seeked out the truth. Books like Dr john Colemans “committee of 300”, which I have yet to find out Dr of what and am still waiting to see any references, hurt people like alex jones who base their speaking or writing on research. Even “Socrates Weeps as Plato Grins” a great fiction novel covers most of this as a fictional story is referenced by the Author any facts that he puts in his story.
With all these sites talking about what bubba thinks is going on and putting it out there destroys the credibility of people researching the subject and maybe the people who have something to hide put their own unbelievable stuff out there to muddy the water.
The fact is, there is a force that does not have the best intent for mankind running thing. They seem to not like; backed currency ie murdering gadaffi attacking Iraq with no provication except the fact Iraq was starting an oil bourse selling oil in other than U.S dollars and they don’t like Muslims ie Afganistan,and soon Iran.
Check out Alex jones,xat history of money these ppl back up and give references