Comment on Olof Palme Assassination Conspiracy Theories by Raymond Stein.

The man or one of the men who committed the murder of Palme was an Edinburgh born man by the name Athol Visser who as a child emigrated and grew up in Rhodesia ending up joining the Rhodesian SAS. He fought alongside South Africans, British, Americans and there was always fixers in Italy. He was a mercenary fighting for Operation Gladio. He made the confession to the author of a book, who he was friends of his uncle. I would suggest you read the book “Devil Incarnate: A Depraved Mercenary’s Lifelong Swathe of Destruction” by Wayne Thallon and the author’s other book “Cut Throat” and it is just other pieces of the jigsaw to the whole picture. The assassin was only revealing these details as he was lying dying from AIDS. I have read a lot of books and I have never felt so afraid only because…well along the lines of Hannibal the Cannibal. If you do decide to read the books then read Cut Throat first.