Comment on Osama Bin Laden Conspiracy Theories by rufus g..

just stumbled upon a link/ reference from a CNN post and went and read some of your stuff concerning Sarah Palin and then all the other stuff. WOW. Aaron, if your life is really 24/ 7 harrassed by the govt., you need to pitch a reality show. Remember Jesse Ventura’s conspiracy show? I loved that one.Get some cameras to follow you around to document what is happening to you.

With all your coincidences with names and letters, I find the Whitney Houston one very odd. ( what is her connection to govt??) Also: PEOPLE DONT NAME THEMSELVES. So are your conspiracies really destiny or manmade? I’ll be reading more of your articles, but I’m going to be honest, at my age, I don’t believe them. I used to think life and people could be “coincidentally” figured out. It cant. We only get 60 or so years if we’re lucky. What will be, will be. Stay safe!