Comment on Paul McCartney Died in a Car Crash Conspiracy Theories by Truckinmann.

All these conspiracy theorists have to do is get DNA samples from Paul & Paul (Who they now refer to as Faul, since the conspiracy theory started) That will settle things once and for all. There’s also fingerprints, which cannot be changed. The conspiracy theory folks never actually try to get to the bottom of this scientifically, because there is no actual evidence of Paul dying. There is only fabricated theories based on what someone is trying to get you to believe. They point at things like album covers and words in Beatles songs, and when that’s not enough they litteraly play the songs backwords and try to say that they hear hidden messages. LMAO! With the number of songs the Beatles wrote and the individuals wrote after breaking up, you could take selected words from them and make up any conspiracy you want. How you interpret album cover art can also promote your new conspiracy. Play the albums backwords and you can say something sounds like it’s confirming your new conspiracy. This theory is just so much BS, made up by someone who’s either on drugs or, more likely, trying to get rich off the backs of the Beatles.