Comment on Paul McCartney Died in a Car Crash Conspiracy Theories by ROY.

it dosent make any sense.
i have read everything on this subject, both sides seem to have a good argument, i admit i am still on the fence.

let me tell you my problems with this….
1. if macca and the girl hitchiker were all alone in the car, and both were killed, how could anyone have known about what happened inside the car…how would they had known that the girl tried to hug him in her excitement causing macca to lose control.

2. you can not bribe the police, nor newspapers…if anything a bribe story like this surounding such a tragic accident to happen to such an iconic person of the time, would make even bigger news.
especially coming from the beatles management…that would have been all over the media.
newspapers always report stuff…its their job

3. the ambulance staff would have had to make a report for attending, plus the fire fighters…couldn’t bribe them.
you defanately couldn’t bribe a cononer…who would possibly risk imprisonment by taking such a bribe?.

4…cars!!!…some say it was a austin healy…others say it is was an aston martin….which one is it?.

5. if accident never happened, then where is this car now?
if it is not true and the real macca lived…he probably would have sold it, and it would now be worth a fourtune, especially if it was once owned by would now be part of someones valuable collection…so, again….where is it now?
THE ANSWER TO THIS WOULD BE DEFINING, AND WOULD EITHER PROVE OR DISPELL THIS MACCA BEING DEAD CONSPIRACY…plus a burnt out wrekage would have initially ended up in a scap yard…surely some scrap merchant would have remembered that.

6. why would the beatle’s management allow the 3 remaining members to purposely leave clues all over the place, when it was suposed to be a big secret.

7. the vw in the background on the abbey road album, with the reg 28IF….if this is just a coincidence, then someone must have owned this car.(wouldn’t you be thrilled that our car was pictured on this brilliant iconic album?) would be on record, at the DVLA office. who would forget owning that car?. somewhere…so why hasn’t the owner come forward…this car would be pretty famous to, even now 46 years later…dont you think this car would also end up in someones famous car collection to, especially because of the beatles, along with this conspiracy surrounding it.

8. if the conspiracy is true, then william shears campbell has made a good living being macca for the past 46 years since.
dont you think he would have written a book about it by now, and owned up. think of the money he would make from this revelation alone?

9. jane asher pauls girlfreind….she would have known, and if it was true, then she would be complicite.

i dont know about anyone else, but i have never met any woman, who could possibly keep a secret for this long, especially one such as this…if it is true, anyone holding such a secret, must be still having their insides torn apart…just think of the money they could make also.

not being an expert, i cant explain the suden change in maccas eye colour, or his apparent gain of 3 inches within a 9 month period.
can bone structure change in such a short space of time?. is this possible?.

there is a lot of things that just dont make any sense, especially if you look at it from the viewpoint of the conspiracy theorists.
they are not dumb, or crazy…they are like me, they want answers.

they want assurances that it was the real maccas albums that they’d been buying, the girls want to know if it was really thier idol macca that they had been swooning over, especially if she was called linda….yes, i think it is time to come clean paul, or faul.

i’ve heard another rumour that john lennons murder was more of an assasination, aparently because he was going to finally make the whole fiasco public…but thats probably just a rumour


i leave you with this.
going back to the clues left in the music albums etc.
why would they go to so much trouble..etc?.
one possible suggestion. (possible scenario!)
album sales might have been falling…so they needed a gimmick.
ie…somehow someone would break a story, hinting at such an outragious story, about macca being killed, also hinting that any clues would be in their forth coming albums etc, the only way for people to check this out for themselves, would be to buy them!!.

could this have happened?.

if so….why paul?…why not Ringo!, George!, John!
again….why paul?.

if it is a conspiracy, now is the time for faul to own up, and put us all out of our misery.
like i said, i am on the fence…………i think.

take care

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