Comment on Paul McCartney Died in a Car Crash Conspiracy Theories by Joe Head.

The Beatles were first pretty much at everything. From backwards messages to recording live , just about everything. Why doesn’t Faul just get a DNA test done or try to prove the conspiracy isn’t true? Because he along with his fellow bandmates are the ones that started it. Sort of their way of leaving a little mystery about their band which will keep them alive long after they are gone. If you want to keep a secret you don’t put forward clues on album covers that are so obvious, you only do that if you want them to be found. People are so quick to believe everything is a conspiracy. If this whole McCartney thing was really a hoax , you wouldn’t know about it and the beatles certainly wouldn’t have gotten away with the album covers hinting towards Paul dying. This is a hoax alright and it comes from the Beatles themselves. Why? The answer to that question is… why not?