On April 25, 2009, Wayne Madsen (investigative journalist) reported claims that some UN World Health Organization officials and scientists believed the 2009 new H1N1 strain of swine flu virus appeared to be the product of gene splicing, as opposed natural processes, citing as evidence the presence of genetic material from strains not occurring in pigs (such as bird flu and different forms of human flu), the lack of transmission from pigs to humans and the flu disproportionately affecting young adults when compared to other strains of flu.

The virus was later declared by the CDC to be a combination of four different viruses: North American swine flu, North American avian flu, human H1N1 flu and a swine flu strain found in Asia and Europe.

New Scientist magazine cited the example of a H1N2 influenza pandemic in the 1990s that only affected pigs in the United Kingdom. This subtype of the H1N2 was also a reassortment (mix) of swine, human and avian strains.

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