Comment on Swine Flu Conspiracy Theories by MAC FRANCIS.

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you all the very best for the coming year.

I along with many of my family and friends sufferred a miserable Christmas time with yet another flu virus having just got over the swine flu that also hammered some of us this last year.

I think you all need to see this, most of you who know me well know I have been ranting on about this theory for many years, it doesn’t take a clever person to work it all out.

Go into your search engine and input the following…,
Flu virus conspiracy theories
Flu viruses are man made

read any of the links but in particular read this one

and even look at some of the youtube links. FRIGHTENING!!!

Think of this; when you or a member of your family comes down with a flu virus, what do you do? You either go to the doctors or the chemist to get a remedy of some sort. Millions of people, everyday, spend millions of pounds buying remedies to help combat one virus or another. As is always, where there is money there is crime.
Isn’t it also amazing how when you see lots of advertising of these flu remedies you then start to hear about lots of people “coming down with the flu”, and then of course you get it also because it is passed on by coughing and sneezing and other fluid transmissions allegedly! IT LIKELY IS, BUT TO THE EXTENT THAT MILLIONS OF PEOPLE THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY GET IT FROM OTHERS COUGHING OR SNEEZING IN JUST A FEW DAYS, COME OFF IT! One thimble full of the virus poured into the mains water supply is all it takes to sustain the greed of the pharmaceutical conglomerates.
I hope you enjoyed your Christmas Mr Gene Splicing Scientist/Chemist, at the expense of millions of others spending their Christmas ill in bed with your flu. Oh bye the way Mr Gene Splicing Scientist/Chemist, you cannot blame coughing or sneezing this time for transmitting the virus because not many people ventured beyond their front doors due to the bad weather conditions in the UK, and please don’t insult us by blaming the cold weather as we all have heating in our homes. Of course we could also come up with the theory that the domestic fuel conglomerates could possibly have the means to create cold weather conditions, but that’s another conspiracy theory. Oh bye the way what’s all this global warming conspiracy theory about? It has been minus whatever degrees outside for the last month or so.