Even though when investigating a conspiracy theory you should look with an open mind at both sides of the story, there are exceptions to this rule. The lists of conspiracy theories below are premium examples. I haven’t really looked into these conspiracies and hoaxes, but you’ll see why.

Conspiracy Description.
People of political power (EG presidents, royal family)
are really reptiles in disguise. (David Icke)

The matrix is real! (David Icke)

The Earth is flat, and the government is keeping this
from us. (Unknown Conspiracy Forum)

America caused the Asian tsunami. (badastronomy.com Forum)

George Bush can hypnotize mass crowds, which is why he’s still in power (Unknown Conspiracy Forum)

If have any more crazy conspiracies, please leave a comment.

If you believe in any of the above and feel offended, and wish to change my mind, please email me at moonhoaxSP@gmail.com with some evidence available to the public for free. (A book you wrote for £16 doesn’t count) And i might give the conspiracy theory an article